VISSIM is the ultimate software for microscopic simulations of individual and public transport. Thanks to its high detail, VISSIM can accurately simulate both urban traffic, including cyclists and pedestrians, as well as highway sections, including large-scale intersections.

VISSIM can simulate not only car traffic but also interaction with pedestrians and cyclists. The newly developed VISSIM Pedestrians module completes the entire system, where you can now monitor pedestrian and vehicle interaction, or fully focus on pedestrian traffic. VISSIMs' extensive analytical tools are making this software an effective tool for transport planning and optimization of transport and transportation systems, as well as a multitude of interfaces for different traffic management systems.

VISSIM combines transport engineering experience with 3D animation so the program does not need to be used only by professionals. VISSIM is geting more and more popular for presenting the transport efficiency of proposed solutions, for example for government representatives. VISSIM - Intelligent Technology for Realistic Simulations.

Advantages of VISSIM:

  • All street / road users are included in one simulation
  • Full pedestrian integration
  • Highly detailed transport network geometry
  • Traffic management and traffic control are included in one tool with direct interface for signaling control programs
  • Impressive presentation of results: detailed statistical data, graphical presentation and high-quality 3D animated output
  • Part of PTV VISION: you can work from a highly detailed detail view to long-term plans for a large area

VISSIM is based on decades of intensive research in various academic institutions. Core algorithms are well documented. Since its launch in 1992, VISSIM has developed a standard for simulation software; intensive research and a large worldwide community of users guarantee that VISSIM is the best of its kind. In addition, PTV Vision was the first of its kind to integrate microscopic simulation with strategic traffic planning / traffic demand modeling. The open user interface provides compatibility with external software. The line-connector topology allows the highest versatility combined with vehicle movements in detailed 1 / 10s resolution. VISSIM is used to analyze networks of all sizes, from intersections to large metropolitan areas. In these transport networks, VISSIM can model all functional categories of roads from motorways to special-purpose roads.

The scope of VISSIMs' application also includes public transport or communication for cyclists and pedestrians. VISSIM can simulate several common as well as unique geometric and operating conditions that occur in the transport network.

The ability of VISSIM to define an unlimited number of vehicle types allows the user a full range of multimodal operations. Vehicle types include cars, trucks, buses, cyclists, wheelchairs, pedestrians, aircraft, etc.

VISSIM also offers a unique ability to allocate vehicles to the network using one or a combination of three methods. The basic method assumes that transport is stochastically distributed to fixed routes from a user-definable start point to a target point. The definition of turning maneuvers allows the distribution of traffic at an intersection or several intersections. Dynamic routes allow you to dynamically allocate traffic to user-specified routes.