• We have a great team full of professionals and we believe that one day you will become one of us.
  • We will be pleased to share our years of experience with you.
  • It doesn't take ages to work on good projects, you will join them straight away.
  • We have a strong international background, you can work on Czech and foreign projects.
  • We will adapt the working hours to your needs and possibilities.
  • Are you still studying? Great! We have a lot of great topics for theses.

Isn't it enough for you yet? So let's carry on…

  • Flexible working hours - we don't keep a guard at the door, feel free to see a doctor.
  • Meal vouchers - such a nice bonus, but still desired.
  • 5 weeks of holiday 
  • Rewards/bonuses - interesting, isn't it? We have something for you too.
  • Training and personal development - we offer you the opportunity to get to the top in your field.
  • Tasty coffee and tea - that's a basis. Can you bake something to that?
  • Friendly environment - you can laugh aloud with us. Do you know a good joke?
  • Possibility to park inside the area - we can see how great driver you are.
  • Bike path next to the company, bike shed, and shower - it's nice to do something for yourself and the environment.
  • Outdoor sitting in the garden - ideal for afternoon coffee.
  • Corporate events - we work quite hard, but we can also amuse at parties.