Water management and Environment


Feel free to contact our team whether you need an expert advice, create a water and landscape engineering project, make technical calculations and graphic design.
We are ready to prepare documentation for you from the first study to the final implementation documentation. We provide authors and technical supervision for all types of projects,
calculations and graphical designs.

We are happy and proud when we see quality construction projects which people can benefit from. At the same time, we want to maintain the quality of nature and to minimize the environmental impact of the construction industry. Therefore, sustainable development planning is one of our key areas.

From masterplanning to detailed construction, we always evaluate the impacts to sustainable development of the territory.
We will provide the client with complete EIA and SEA and permit application to follow-up on the impact of operations., including dispersion and acoustic studies and public health impact assessment. We also participate in foreign projects - ESAP and SEP in accordance with standards and methodologies at European and international level.


Services – water management

  • Drainage solutions for residential areas, roads and parking areas, industrial zones and parks
  • Design to slow down rainwater runoff, retention tanks and polders, flow adjustment
  • Design of water pump facility, wastewater cleansing
  • Drinking and fire water supply solutions, collection, water storage and treatment design
  • Processing relocations of existing water mains and sewers 

Services - environment

  • Dendrological surveys
  • Zoological and botanical surveys
  • Pedological surveys
  • Landscape character assessment
  • Processing of waste management documentation
  • EIA
  • Landscaping desing


Josef Hajaš
Head of the Water management and environment section
+420 778 715 444

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