Railway Structures


High capacity passenger and freight railway transport is a common part of our lives. Whether people live in busy cities or in more remote villages, the railway is constantly surrounds them.
Therefore, great emphasis is placed on the safety and quality of rail construction.

Ensure comfort while minimizing the negative impacts of rail construction on our surroundings. This is the clear task we have. Nothing less. That is why we propose solutions that meet all the requirements of modern railways for present and the next generations.

We revive the traditional railway by modern technologies and offer solutions for rapid, reliable and safe public transport which brings connects together the inhabitants of towns and villages from the beginnings to targets of their journeys. The solutions that allow passengers comfortably and effectively use of the time devoted to travel. The solutions that will enable carriers to provide quality, fast and affordable services. Our projects meet all of the requirements of the present generation and allow the development for future generations. We always find a clever solution for the follow-up of individual transport and public space.


  • Design of railway and tram tracks
  • Design of Signalling, Telecom, Traction & Power supply
  • Technical supervision of railway structures
  • Railway signalling technologies design
  • Railway communication design
  • Catenary and power supply design
  • Energy calculations
  • Consultancy and studies


Martin Mykisa
Head of  Railway structures section
+420 721 075 539

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