Permitting and surveying


We are an true partner you can rely on. We will give you the necessary information and advice before the construction begins. We will prepare materials for the project and for the construction. During our project and permitting expertise, we rely on our experienced team of surveyors. We provide a wide range of geodetical surveys and activities necessary for the precise design and execution of the work.

We will obtain for you all the permits needed for start of construction according to the Czech law. The most important objectives are the Structure placement decision and the Construction Permit. When we start working on the project, we take care of everything - the existence of utility networks, geometric plans and owners’ analysis, we discuss the intention with the relevant authorities, arrange property settlement with the property owners and, of course, we take care of communication with the authorities and public. You don't have to take care of any of this.

Services - Permitting activities

  • Complex services in structures permiting process
  • Complex review and supervision of project according to the law
  • Public hearing within the EIA review process
  • Ensuring all necessary permits
  • Representing the investor of the building in all the related administrative proceedings
  • Property Law - acquisition of property rights for construction, geometric plans, land division or consolidation
  • Processing of agreements, applications and proposals for real estate - registration of rights in the real estate cadastre etc.

Services - Geodesy

  • Geodetic surveys
  • Preparation of geodetic documentation for the design


Daniela Hnízdilová
Head of Permitting and surveying section
+420 739 615 923

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