Bridges and tunnels


Through the mountain and over the valley, across the rivers and under the cities. What is it? Yes, tunnels and bridges. They sensitively link nature with mankind and cities with the countryside. But that means being humble to nature. We use all technological tools and conveniences, but at the same time our modern design is still friendly to the surrounding landscape.
Based on your idea we will prepare a detailed project. We will advise you on what kinds of bridges or underground structures are ideal for solving your problem. If necessary, we will create design of a new building completely from scratch or develop the project of reconstruction of the existing structure. We have a lot of experience with various constructions and materials on roads and railways, for pedestrians and utilities.


  • Bridges and engineering construction design
  • Tunnels and underground structures design
  • Slope remediation and stabilization assignments
  • Special founding projects
  • Bridge inspections
  • Site supervision


László Szíkora
Head of Bridges and tunnels section
+420 736 182 955

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