Transport structure design


There are still new challenges ahead of us. Even in the field of transport. Every day we commute for an entertainment, to work or to visit our family and friends. We need a clear and secure infrastructure if we want to arrive safe. It does not matter if we are walking, riding a bike, driving a car or use public transportation. We see the future transport infrastructure as a modern system which connects environmental thinking and modern technologies. Our goal is to propose complex timeless projects of railway, road and non-motorized infrastructure, including bridges and tunnels relocation of utilities and special constructions. We also make sure that our buildings are optimally placed in their surroundings. Of course, we will also assess the environmental impact of the proposed investment. We will make sure that traffic structure fits to the surroundings and became a welcomed part of the communities’ life.


Václav Bartůněk
Head of Transport design market area
+420 775 892 229

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