AF-CITYPLAN has been the strong local partner of the PTV AG company and also the official distributor of the PTV software solutions for the Czech Republic since 1993.

PTV Vision is the world's most successful software package for transport planning, strategic planning, traffic engineering and traffic management. It is used for development of transport models and simulations in GIS environment. It is currently used in more than 100 countries. There is no other software on the market, which offers such a high level of integration within the transport planning process.

PTV Vision offers more than just traditional demand modeling. The software integrates demand modeling with microscopic traffic and pedestrian simulation (VISSIM), providing transport professionals with the most complete set of analytical tools. To complete the software package, VISUM includes components from other leading software packages such as ArcGIS ESRI for better GIS integration.

Within PTV VISION, you can work in several applications, such as the study of regional links, the impact of building a new communications network, the design of the concept of public transport solutions in the territory, and the traffic control elements in junctions. Thus, PTV VISION covers the entire spectrum of transport model tasks from macroscopic to detailed microscopic not only for the analysis of the current state, but mainly for the prognosis of prospective states.

Information about specific PTV VISION programs:

Individual programs in the PTV VISION package are wokning separately but can be interconnected. You can use these moduls completely separately or project knowledge from the micromodel to the strategic macromodel and vice versa.

Purchase of software and services
PTV VISION software can be purchased as:

  • commercial license
  • Academic Free License (for school lessons)
  • Student name license (for non-commercial use)
  • browser
  • 30-day trial


  • Sale and rental of PTV VISION SW
  • PTV VISION SW training
  • PTV VISION SW Hotline 


Marek Šída
Head of Traffic planning and modelling Section
+420 774 506 250


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