Urban and strategic planning


We offer a comprehensive view of the studied areas of ​​the municipality or region. Firstly, we will have a look at the current situation in detail and, based on the information obtained, we will determine the urban concept of the future development of the area. This will allow us to create an environment that will be appreciated by current and next generations both.

We will prepare complex documentation from the urban, environmental, transport engineering, technological, energy and economic point of view. Thanks to efficient procedures we can ensure high-quality life in municipalities and cities. Smart buildings, autonomous vehicles, more efficient traffic flows, rational use of space, high public safety or minimum pollution and sustainable transport planning - these are just some of the possible solutions how cities in the future should look like. These are our visions.


  • Territorial and regulatory plans
  • Sustainable mobility plans
  • Masterplans
  • Urban development studies
  • Smart cities concepts and plans
  • Brownfield revitalization
  • Equipment and architectural solutions for stops and terminals


David Pistora
Traffic engineering & planning section manager
+420 724 369 010

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