Traffic planning and modeling


We need to have not only great knowledge but also great tools to offer our clients a complex and effective solution for tasks related to traffic planning or removing traffic complications. One of the greatest tools is transport modeling - a modern and professional discipline in traffic engineering.

Although modeling is quite demanding and requires a high degree of knowledge in the related field, the outputs from the transport models are very easy to read and understand for the wide public. The outputs can give a clear answer to questions related to the analysis of the current and forecasted state of strategic planning and the solution for a specific traffic challenge.


  • Strategic transport models of cities, regions or states
  • Dynamic microscopic traffic simulation
  • Traffic models for infrastructure intentions
  • Public transport master plans
  • Counting and measuring of traffic
  • Scientific and research tasks


Marek Šída
Head of Traffic planning and modelling section
+420 774 506 250

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