Construction concept and planning


Thanks to our researches, we are verifing if early ideas can lead to a solution for certain problem. Whether it is a traffic engineering, safety or conceptual issue, it is necessary to find out before the actual design preparation if the proposed steps meet the criterias of functionality, sustainability, spatial possibilities and other fundamental contexts. We use high quality technical tools to deliver precise studies. Therefore, we have developed our own complex SABS software for traffic safety inspections.
We make sure that we examine and assess all possible technical options. The result of our work is the delivery of a complex study that will offer to the client a variety of solutions to the problem, baseline for specific and successful design process and, definetelly, will facilitate important strategic decisions.


  • Road and motorway safety inspection including IRAP
  • Safety audits of traffic projects
  • Studies and feasibility studies of transport structures
  • Capacity assessment and design of traffic signaling
  • Road signs design
  • Municipal Engineering
  • Cost benefit analysis (CBA)
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Research projects


Prokop Nedbal
Transport strategy section manager
+420 735 750 815

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