Conception and planning


When we are looking for opportunities and ways to improve life in the city or make investments more efficient, we always start from your idea and vision. Together, we will find the optimal way to overcome the obstacles to achieve your ambitious goal. We perceive planning as a patient search for a compromise between needs, possibilities and conditions. Complex and transparent planning of investments and development projects is a necessary tool to bring the optimal solution. When we search for solution, we are looking at the environmental, economic and technical point of view.

Our goal is to give society a vision of a modern world that can use intelligent systems to deliver visions of sustainable mobility and harmony between nature and people. That is why we offer strategic plans and visions, feasibility studies including economic and environmental assessments and other key decision-making materials. We also consider it very important to have a safe transport infrastructure where people feel comfortable using it and where they do not risk paying for their mistakes with their own lives.


Adéla Krenková
Head of Conception and urbanism market area
+420 608 812 360

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