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Why is it great to work for af-cityplan?

  • We have a great team full of professionals
  • We do not hesitate to share our experience.
  • You do not have to wait for challenging projects for years, you will get them right away.
  • We have a strong international background and you can work on both Czech and foreign projects.
  • We have flexible working hours and we adapt work schedule to your needs and possibilities.
  • Are you still studying? Great! We have a lot of great topics for the final theses.

Isn't that enough for you? Here are some more reasons…

  • Flexible working hours - we do not keep the guard at the door;
  • meal vouchers - such a nice bonus, but still trendy,
  • 5 weeks of vacation and 3 sickdays
  • Rewards / Bonuses
  • Training and personal development - we want you to sparkle
  • good coffee and tea
  • friendly environment
  • possibility to park directly on the premises - at least we can see how you can drive 😊
  • bike path next to the company, bike storage and shower - it is nice to do something for yourself and the environment
  • outdoor seating in the garden - ideal for afternoon coffee
  • corporate events - we work at work, but we are party animals after work.