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Company structure and inside politics

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We support open and effective communication with each other and with our partners
We have adapted organizational structure of the company to one of our core goals - open, honest and effective communication inside the company and especially with our partners. We provide and support communication between colleagues and our customers. Clear communication on both sides of project is the key to success for us.
Thanks to our systematic approach we
can easily recognize our clients’ visions and needs from the very beginning. We can find optimal solution way faster. This is what makes us special. This is what makes us different from competitors.


Václav Bartůněk
Head of the Transport structures design market area
+420 775 892 229

Monika Bergerová
HR Manager
+420 778 441 817

Karel Dedek
Business development manager
+420 725 791 414

David Friedel
Head of Ostrava office
+420 735 750 817

Josef Hajaš
Head of the Water management and environment section
+420 778 715 444

Ondřej Hašek
Authorized officer
+420 739 284 969

Martin Hejl
Head of the České Budějovice Office
+420 735 133 000

Věra Herzogová
Head of Sales administration unit
(maternity leave)


Daniela Hnízdilová
Head of Permitting and surveying section
+420 739 615 923

Petr Košan
Deputy country manager CZ&SK
+420 732 189 772

Michal Kovářík
Division Industry CZ&SK manager
+420 603 413 763

Adéla Krenková
Head of Conception and urbanism market area
+420 608 812 360

Adéla Krylovová
Office manager
+420 603 863 637

Ondřej Kyp
Business development manager & senior consultant
+420 603 193 168

Martin Mykisa
Head of Railway structures section
+420 721 075 539

Gergely Nagy
Financial manager
+420 733 593 546

László Szíkora
Head of Bridges and tunnels section
+420 736 182 955

Ivo Šimek
Country manager CZ&SK
+420 602 715 194

Marek Šída
Head of Traffic planning and modelling section
+420 774 506 250

Petr Šlemr
Division Energy CZ&SK manager
+420 725 007 261

Tomáš Tichý
Authorized officer
+420 606 731 969

Petr Havlena
Head of MEP section
+420 603 280 234

Jakub Vyhnálek
Head of Road structures section
+420 606 561 712

Petr Zeman
Head of Architecture and buildings market area
+420 731 666 739

Responsible business

Since 1999 we have been certified:

  • Quality Management System - ISO 9001: 2015
  • Environmental Management - ISO 14001: 2015
  • Health and Safety - OHSAS 18001: 2007

Compliance checking is regularly audited by the renowned company Intertek.

We follow the OSN Global Compact guidelines. We comply with the ÅF Pöyry Code of Conduct and we work in accordance with ÅF Pöyry rules in other areas. Company policy in terms of improving service quality, customer satisfaction, and minimizing environmental impact is set out in Quality Policy and Environmental Policy.

Values and vision


We accept new challenges all the time. We create sustainable solutions for the next generation.

AF-CITYPLAN is a part of the Infrastructure division of the ÅF Pöyry.
With over than 6000 colleagues we share our experience, values and we discuss our projects. Working in an international environment is pushing us forward.
Our home region is the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but we also offer our services to customers in more distant destinations.

We work as a team. We like open mind, honesty and personal approach. We like to share our ideas and know-how with our colleagues, who are new in the field. We support their professional and personal growth. For our employees we organize workshops and lectures and introduce modern procedures. We always keep up within our industry.
We are professionals. We offer complex solution to our clients.

Core Values


We think big and beyond convention to increase value and to make an impact. Challenging each other and making bold decisions, always taking a stand for what we believe in.


We have a unique mix of competences and we are all passionate within our field. Sharing our expertise to make a difference, we are driven by our curiosity to grow and learn more.


We collaborate across borders to seize new opportunities. Challenging, supporting and bringing out the best in each other, we believe in the power of differences.


Providing leading solutions for generations to come.

ÅF – Making Future.


We create sustainable engineering and design solutions.


To stay on the top means to be surrounded and cooperate with the best people.
Our clients are the largest national investors, regions and municipalities. We have been cooperating with private investors, construction contractors, developers and investment institutions.
We are proud that we have built strong links with the academic sector not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. Our R&D activities have allowed us to strengthen our relations with major universities or research centres. Support of education and training for students, especially from technical universities and high schools, will continue to be a top priority for us.
As part of the development and improvement of the technical and business environment, we are members, or we work closely with these organizations.