AFRY will look for the future of the railway in Prague


AFRY CZ will participate in the elaboration of the Feasibility Study for the Development of the Prague Railway Junction, including the planned high-speed lines in the metropolis. Together with Mott MacDonald, Ekola Group, Sagasta, and SMA and Partners companies, we will prepare important strategic material for the Railway Administration in the coming months. After working on the studies of the Brno and Ostrava railway junctions, AFRY will also be involved in the preparation of the railway transport concept in the Czech Capital city.

The selected team succeeded in the competition announced in the form of Best value procurement, in which the price criterion weighs only 30% and thus took advantage of the rich experience with the preparation of transport strategic and conceptual materials for various clients in Europe.

Our experts will participate across most key activities, starting with the support of project management and communication and the creation of concepts, through cooperation with TSK Prague and IPR Prague in the creation of traffic engineering documents and important parts of the design of technical solutions and related professions. It is obvious in advance that the work of the whole team will be controlled by the general public. This is one of the reasons why we will place great emphasis on effective communication and presentation of our work, in order to demonstrate 100% objectivity and impartiality in finding the optimal solution for the Prague junction.