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Brno Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Zdroj a vlastník: Statutární město Brno

The Brno Sustainable Mobility Plan is the city's most important strategic document for transport. A document that comprehensively addresses all modes of transport within a coherent material, while taking into account their interaction. It is one of the first materials to undergo a series of public hearings and meetings with experts on the process of its creation. Last but not least, it is one of the first material to deal with transport systems with regard to their sustainability, i.e. with respect to the environment. Despite the fact that the documentation is mainly addressed by the city of Brno, it also contains recommendations for the Brno metropolitan area, whose inhabitants significantly influence the traffic in Brno every day through work, entertainment and shopping trips.

The material has several "best", which places high demands on the creator of such an important document. The result of many analyses, proposals and negotiations is a compromise between the demands of the city of Brno, the Transport Company and especially the individual interest groups, some of which prefer cycling and other prefer automobile transport. The Brno Sustainable Mobility Plan is of high quality and will become a key basis for the development of sustainable transport in and around the city.


Brno Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan