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Study of modification of national road in Karlovy Vary

Turbookružní křižovatka, varianta vybraná investorem

The aim of the study was technical processing of the existing roundabout and related road sections at the Globus hypermarket in Karlovy Vary. In its current form, it is long-term at its capacity.

In addition, further planned development may mean a further significant overload of the capacity of this intersection. In the light of this future development, we have proposed three options for solving this unsatisfactory situation, namely a turbo-roundabout, a light-signalled junction, and an interchange.

A tiered layout, a variant recommended by the processor

We evaluated the individual variants by means of microscopic simulation and then we evaluated each of them according to a number of criteria. This can help the customer to make the final decision as to which of the proposed variations is best suited to the junction.

Light-controlled crossroad, the option that brings the least benefits

Our team recommended further monitoring and designing a variant of the flyover arrangement, which will reliably ensure adequate throughput of the intersection even in distant time horizons, i.e. after a planned significant load of communication due to the development of the related area in Karlovy Vary. The investor chose a variant of the turbo-arrangement, which will also significantly improve the throughput and traffic safety.

Turbo Roundabout, investor-selected option


I / 20 Karlovy Vary, Tašovice - PD roundabout

Karlovy Vary Region

the customer
RMD CR, Karlovy Vary Administration

period of service provision

type of construction
National road, urban