BIM World Munich 2018

Last week, our colleagues Petr Košan, Václav Bartůněk and Jakub Vyhnálek visited BIM WORLD in Munich. The aim of this visit was to extend the knowledge about designing possibilities in BIM programs at the international level as well as the professions associated with them. World Conference BIM Munich is one of the largest conferences dealing with current trends in the construction industry.

Thanks to BIM and virtual reality, the construction industry is also a high-tech industry. One of the most interesting experiences was the use of virtual reality in construction. Technology of the Nervtech company deals with the human factor area in artificial intelligence. Using external devices, it assesses physical and mental conditions in a particular environment, allowing them to assess different stress scenarios affecting traffic. Our colleagues tried driving through BIM intersection model on the simulator, which was connected to other devices measuring the environmental stress. This data is then stored and statistically evaluated for transport risk factors.