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Construction of south-east part of Otrokovice highway bypass

The purpose of the construction is to divert all transit traffic from the city of Otrokovice, in connection with the already realized north-eastern part of the bypass. This will significantly improve the environment and urban development potential.

The construction is part of the D55 highway, which is included in the TEN-T road network. After its completion, it will connect the D1 and D49 motorways near Hulín with the D2 motorway near Břeclav.

Within the more than 3 km long four-lane highway construction it was also necessary to solve the passage through the historical waste dump or the passage near the important Morava river by designing a lightened embankment. The project documentation also includes bridge structures, retaining walls, anti-noise screens and several relocations of lower-class roads, utility roads, utility lines and many other constructions.

Based on this project, in 2018 the construction investor chose a contractor. Supervisor, who is a part of the project team, should now ensure the smooth and high-quality realization of this construction, which we should use for the first time in 2021.


D55 Otrokovice, JV bypass

Otrokovice, Zlin Region

Client / Investor
Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic

period of service provision
from 11/2016 - present (note: the project is finished, but we are still supervising, which will last for 3 years)

length of construction
3.14 km

type of construction

D25.5 / 120

structure attractions
lightweight embankment, pass through the landfill, highway bridges