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D35 Sadová – Plotiště

zdroj: ŘSD ČR

Interchange Sadová

The area of interest for the construction of the highway is flat to slightly undulating. Construction leads in all cadastral territories mainly on unpopulated land used for agricultural activity. It is a protected area with a high presumption of archaeological finds. It passes through the territory of the battlefield of the Battle of Hradec Králové. Locations have been identified from the multispectral aerial survey where there will be a high risk of collision with archaeological findings in excavation work.

zdroj: ŘSD ČR

Elevated road Všestary

zdroj: ŘSD ČR

Interchange Sadová


D35 Sadová - Plotiště, DSP / ID

Hradec Kralove region

Road and Motorway Directorate of the Czech Republic

Service Period:
from 2016 - 2019 (IR)

Length of construction:
7.54 km

Construction costs:
CZK 1,900 million excluding VAT

D25.5 / 120

structure attractions

Total length of bridges: 550 m
Noise barriers: 2,581 m
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