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D35 Ostrov – Vysoké Mýto

D35 Ostrov – Vysoké Mýto

The 7.5 km highway construction is being prepared to address the unacceptable state of the existing I/35 road, which is inconvenient for current traffic in terms of capacity, safety or environmental and affected by excessive traffic in passenger and freight transport. The task is to prepare documentation for zoning and to issue a zoning decision.


The beginning of the section is located northeast of Ostrov. Subsequently, it runs between the villages of Radhošť and Stradouň and then bypasses the village of Vraclav from the northeast and then joins the existing road I/35. There is no flyover intersection. There are four bridge structures and one overpass over the highway. Homole Hill near Vraclav is overcame by a 575 meter tunnel. In the construction project, measures are taken to minimize the impact of the construction and implementation on water quality. The building does not touch significant surface water resources and does not pass through any water resource protection zone.

Within the construction of the highway more than 500 m long Homole tunnel will be built. During the construction, relocations and modifications of several energy and water management facilities will be carried out.


D35 Ostrov – Vysoké Mýto