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Urban study of the pre-station area in Česká Lípa

The urban plan of the town of Česká Lípa defined two consecutive development areas, whose further use must be verified by an urban study. In terms of attractiveness, these are areas near the central part of the city, which have the development potential for development and for transport infrastructure.

These areas included the intention to build a public transport terminal, which is currently inoperative, and it is necessary to improve its function for the future. The study proposed a terminal solution that meets the requirements for not only bus stops, but also other facilities such as P + R parking, bicycle storage, short-term parking for buses, etc.

In the remaining area the design was influenced by the existing transport infrastructure and the urban study, which is considered another backbone transport route. Even though it is an attractive area, the design of the type and density of buildings is mainly influenced by noise limits. Until the current and prospective transport system is changed, part of the area is difficult to use for development.

The urban study has only partially fulfilled its objective, as the submitter can start on a part of the territory preparing for the construction of a public transport terminal, but no meaningful solution can be proposed for the rest of the area.




Urban study of the pre-station area in Česká Lípa