Inspiration and innovation

Technical study of terminal Královo Pole, Brno

The public transportation terminal Brno - Královo Pole is one of the busiest transfer terminals in the city of Brno in terms of the number of passengers. The transport hub is served by all means of public transport (tram, bus, trolleybus). There is also a regional bus line. A very important aspect is the close link to rail transport.

The study of the reconstruction of the currently reliably operating terminal was induced by the reconstruction of the SŽDC station building and the requirement for the location of the building for P + R. Another requirement was a better solution of cycling transport and shortening of the transfer links between the individual public transport lines including the railway.

An interesting feature of the area is the existence of a rail link that connects the Brno tram system with the national railway system. It is the only functional link of this type in the city. Another specific feature of this design is the fact that part of the terminal space is located under the bridge of a four-lane road, which greatly limits the possibilities of directional and height solutions for the reconstruction.