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Impact assessment of the alternative route management of the Prague ring road “Běchovice – D1”

Posouzení dopadů variantního vedení trasy pražského okruhu „Běchovice – D1"

The subject of this documentation is the specification of a possible technical solution of the "regional SOKP route" and subsequent comparison of this solution with the current SOKP 511. While the current proposal is based on the approved documentation of the development of the Czech Republic's road network, the regional variant route, which is moved east from cadastral territory of the City of Prague) is based on the requirements of civic associations.

Both variations are compared according to comparable criteria, while the focus of the thesis is the assessment of transport function, safety aspects and financial demands of both variations. In addition, the regional route is analyzed for the issue of transit through the area, focusing on identifying potential conflicts and potential bottlenecks.