Inspiration and innovation

The Lány bypass

The project documentation in the stages from the study to the implementation documentation and the author's supervision dealt with the relocation of the road leading to the transit traffic from the village of Lány.

There are 3 roundabouts with a diameter of 30 m and one intersection. Due to the complexity of the territory the route´s II. stage of construction was conducted in an 8.0 m reinforced embankment and notch. The construction also includes 14 culverts and a retention tank. The construction also includes the construction of sewerage and relocation of utilities such as: gas pipeline, water main, high voltage lines and others.

The construction brought a significant increase in transport safety and the overall state of the environment in the centre of the residential area of Lány. Bypassing Lány by road II / 236 diverted transit traffic from the village centre to improve the overall traffic situation in the village.