Inspiration and innovation

Flood embankment in Usti nad Labem

A flooded road under the bridge causes traffic and other complications in the city. This was the situation before the implementation of our project in Ústí nad Labem, which we worked on in 2002-2011. Most of the inhabitants of Ústí nad Labem are still able to recall these problems, which regularly made transportation difficult on the streets of Pražská and Přístavní, one of the main thoroughfares. The intersection of the I / 30 road and adjacent communication systems connected the city with Prague, Lovosice and Děčín. Thousands of cars and trucks were handled daily, but their capacity and layout did not meet real needs.

Traffic measures - flood dam" included four basic measures:

  • reconstruction of the bridge over the river Bílina,
  • reconstruction of the coastal road under the bridge of Edvard Beneš,
  • creating a flood barrier on the banks of the Elbe,
  • construction of a pedestrian underpass under a railway track.

To increase the road capacity, it was expanded from 2 to 4 lanes. In order to avoid frequent flooding of this road, a flood embankment construction was built to transfer the lowest, often flooded place of communication, along the riverside and retaining walls along the Elbe River, a 4-lane bridge over the Bílina River built by the extension and elevation of the original 3-lane bridge and a system of variable traffic signs.

The project was successfully implemented in 2009-2011.