Inspiration and innovation

Tyrš Bridge in Přerov

We worked on the project preparation of a new bridging of the Bečva River in the place of the original Tyrš Bridge from 1904 in the town of Přerov together with the architectural office Šrámková architekti s.r.o. in the years 2007 - 2012. The prepared project presented the construction of a new bridge in place of an existing steel bridge over the river Bečva. The project received the ČKAIT Award for the 2012 Transport Construction.


Thanks to its past, it has an almost personal dimension to the city's inhabitants. The old reinforced concrete bridge from 1903 destroyed the German army on May 8, 1945 in retreat. Within minutes it was completely unusable. After the war it was replaced by a makeshift footbridge, which was worn out, rusty and unsightly for years.

The new bridge was designed as a social part of a walking path to the city centre. It does not pretend to be a reconstruction of the old state, it merely transfers some of the characteristics of the original bridge. It is upright to the centre, equally divided into three parts, planted into original pillars and decoratively shaped. However, it is contemporary in the overall proportion of its own reinforced concrete bridge deck and its sculptural decoration must also date it to the present day. The message bearer is the statue of a bison with a circle in the nostrils that originates from the heraldry of the city's coat of arms. It was portrayed as a monumental figure of an energetic and confident animal, a measure adapted to the bridge's architecture. Set on a plinth above the pedestrian horizon, it is located so that it welcomes the arrivals to the old city. This statue is complemented by a sculpture of a bird, a symbol of freedom and liberty, placed in the centre of the bridge, and another natural motive - three trees on its opposite side.